Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is for anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, body image, food, exercise, identity, traumatic stress, or difficult transitions in life. It is a collaborative process in which we will explore your experience and co-develop a path forward. Though useful when interacting with insurance companies, I de-emphasize diagnosis in my practice and treat my clients as whole people. This includes their internal psychological parts as well as their physical body and presence. I integrate Relational Theory, Dialectical Behavior Theory (DBT), Trauma Theory, and Interpersonal Family Therapy (IFT) with other mindfulness and movement-based interventions to make meaning of the past and empower you in the present.



I offer all of my clients an initial 20-minute telephone consultation free of charge. During that call, we can briefly discuss fees, scheduling, your goals, my approach, and any questions that you might have.

If you would like to proceed, we will schedule a 60-minute consultation session together. All of your intake paperwork can be completed online via my client portal. It’s best that you complete all intake paperwork before the session so that we can make good use of our time together.


Eating Problems

I view eating problems on a broad continuum of suffering that includes eating disorders, disordered eating, compulsive exercise, chronic dieting, and body image distress. Eating problems often begin as resourceful solutions to complex personal, relational, or systemic problems. I deeply enjoy helping my clients make meaning of their symptoms and develop self-compassionate alternatives so that they can enjoy their relationships with food and movement.


Traumatic Stress

Traumatic stress is common in our current sociopolitical environment. Whether it’s from the news cycle, a natural disaster, a war, a car crash, an assault, abuse, childhood experiences, experiences of stigma, discrimination, early attachment, or a complex pattern of many these variables; trauma impacts the body. I use body-based interventions to work directly with my client’s nervous systems. Together, we resource you to track levels of activation, broaden stress tolerance, and integrate overwhelming experiences.