Individual Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been in practice for thousands of years, but the field of yoga therapy is still emerging. We now have an evidence base for yoga as a treatment for many physical and emotional ailments, including eating disorders, body dissatisfaction, chronic pain, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Yoga therapy sessions begin with an assessment of mood, stress, and physical ease/discomfort. From there we move through a sequence of breathwork, restorative poses, kundalini kriyas, and/or meditation specifically tailored to your needs and designed to support your body's innate healing potential. Throughout the process, we stop to check in verbally. Your feedback is critical to the work. 


Body Positive Yoga Instruction

I am passionate about making yoga available to all shapes, sizes, and abilities. My body positive teaching style includes a commitment to the Health At Every Size , a comprehensive understanding of how culture and trauma impact one's relationship with their body, and specific training in inclusive movement and cueing techniques. If you do not feel comfortable in a group setting for any reason, or if you simply want to deepen your understanding of the yoga practice with individual instruction, then please allow me to help.


Adjunctive Eating Disorder Treatment

This is the only hour in my week
when I don’t think about my weight.
— Research study participant (Carei, Fyfe-Johnson, & Marshall 2010)

I am uniquely qualified to provide yoga therapy to individuals in various phases of eating disorder recovery, including clients who are currently on or transitioning off of exercise restriction. I collaborate closely with therapists, nutritionists, and physicians to provide a safe, recovery-focused space for the exploration of movement, self-regulation, and self-care. Medical monitoring may be required, as clinically indicated.