My Approach

As a psychotherapist, I am passionate about helping you live a full, embodied life. I integrate Feminist Relational theory with cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), and mindfulness-based interventions to help you learn to regulate yourself in the present moment while also discovering the origins of your suffering. Our work together has the potential to liberate you from painful thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and experiences by deepening the connection that you have with yourself and those around you.

My practice is informed by a commitment to social justice and my view of emotional suffering as informed by the internalization of culture, relationships, and trauma. I take a holistic approach to understanding and accepting all parts of my clients. I strive to offer a warm, collaborative, and focused treatment experience that supports you in living the life you want to live.


My Specialty

I have specialized training and experience in the treatment of eating disorders, disordered eating, body image issues, exercise compulsion, and other challenges of embodiment. I feel strongly that both behavioral and relational interventions are critical to the development of a satisfying BodySelf relationship. I use a two-pronged approach that integrates mindfulness-based and other cognitive behavioral interventions (CBT) within an intersectional feminist, relational, psychodynamic framework. I pay special attention to intersectionality of identity and experience and the impact of trauma on the body.

This service is appropriate for anyone who would like to improve their relationship with food and body and includes individuals who fall anywhere on the continuum of eating and body image problems.